Artist Statement

I am a mixed media painter and found object assemblage artist living in Denver Colorado. My studio practice begins with the study of universal mark making, exploring the marks that are instinctually included in designs from all cultures and ethnicities. Making original stamps and stencils, painting and staining original collage papers and collecting old and interesting ephemera to use in the layers of a painting are key elements in building my work.

The subjects in my work are typically non-identifiable but, somehow, familiar shapes. I am also quite fond of stripes. By utilizing a vibrant palette, simple lines and shapes, and interesting compositions, I try to create pleasing and comfortable pieces that are exciting and interesting to look at.

My found object assemblage work is really about finding a place for interesting little things that need a home. I have a (bordering on creepy) fascination with dolls and puppets and a huge appreciation for the odd “whatever-it-is” that I find. These assemblages, which are really “micro collections”, force focus onto what we normally do not take the time to see.

It’s Not A Wrap

Everything’s A Canvas!
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